Our Commitments

Optimum Use of Space

The plan you are seeing is arrived from various other alternative plans designed using computer aided design facilities. We study the alternatives carefully, bring in best from these alternatives, revise and arrive at the final plan.

Every square inch of floor space has been carefully considered and is put to the most advantageous use. While you pay for a square feet, you get a square feet of space with lots of use for it. Waste, if any, is bare minimum.

 Quality Policy

The quality of our properties is very important to us as it reflects on us as a company and also influences customer satisfaction. Hence we make sure to use the right high quality materials for the project.

Our site supervisors check the materials for the right quality and there are no substitutions or replacements with any sub-standard quality materials.Workmanship at site is monitored by a separate quality control team.

We stick on to accurate quality even if the outflow of funds crosses the estimation. We strongly feel that financial plan and its inference is only a scale to measure the costs involved. We continuously strive and improve our process to make certain that the quality is upheld indisputably.

Reasonable Cost

Our costs are comparable with the price of any other flat in the same locality and in most of the cases the value for money provided is far higher than our competitors.

Since we arrange all your purchases in bulk quantities directly ,this directly results in cost savings in transport cost, handling charges, minimizing wastage  and we pass on these benefits to our customers,hence maintaining

High Value for Money

Our fixed uniform price policy has been appreciated well by all our customers. The general practice in the city is to negotiate and fix the price. Where as some builders quote price  according to its floor, road facing or rear side, south facing, corner flat etc.

Strong legal team

Our legal team will ensure that all your documents are accurate at all stages of our partnership. We will analyze documents like title deed and agreements , in addition to this the documents are reviewed by external legal audit agency , ensuring quality and assurance.

Finance Options / Home Loans

Home loans arrangement have been an integral part of our services .We have tie ups with reputed banks like State Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, etc whereby we ensure quick assessment and immediate sanction of finance .